Supplement List

Recommended supplements to improve or maintain your fitness & health  

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Disclosures: Erinne Guthrie is not a medical doctor and suggests that you discuss with your personal physician before you begin using any nutritional supplements.

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PatchMD – For those who don’t like taking pills.

Below I’ve listed the items according to Category/Needs:

BodyHealth Multivitamin Plus Detox
Liquid Vitamin D3/K2
Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough
Bioptimizers HCL
BodyHealth Perfect Greens
PaleoValley Organic Greens
PaleoValley Vitamin C
Cymbiotika Zinc Complex 

BodyHealth Metal Free Spray
BodyHealth Body Detox Liquid Spray
BodyHealth Hydrogen Tabs

Bioptimizers HCL
Bioptimizers Masszymes
Paleo Valley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex
doTERRA – Digestzen – capsules
doTERRA – Digestzen – Essential Oil
Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian

Liquid B-12
Maca Root Powder

Wellness formula
Occillocosinum – Over the counter
doTERRA – On guard gel cap and essential oil
Paleo valley Vitamin C
Sinusfix nasal spray
Sinus clear
Clear lungs 
Echinacea Golden Seal Throat Spray
Echinacea Plus Tea
On Guard Throat Lozenges
On Guard Essential Oil

doTERRA Turmeric
doTERRA Deep Blue Complex
BodyHealth Fish Oils Omega

doTERRA Deep Blue Lotion
doTERRA Deep Blue Essential Oil
Pachamama CBD Roll on

BodyHealth Perfect Aminos
CREO2, Millennium Sport Technologies: Promo code FULLCIRCLE for
50% off
Beta alanine

BodyHealth Probiotics

BodyHealth Perfect Aminos
Bone Broth Collagen Protein Powder
Mt Capra – Clean Protein powder
Kettle & Fire Bone Broth; chicken and beef
Marine Collagen

Pachamama Sleep Gummies
doTERRA Serenity essential oils and capsules
Bioptimizers Magnesium
Rooted In Magnesium Topical
BodyHealth Sleep Complex
Cymbiotika Rumi Sleep Tonic
Serenity Essential Oil and Complex
Copaiba Gelcaps

Paleo Valley Meat Sticks
BodyHealth Snack bars
Paleo valley Snack bars
Go Macro Bars
Epic Jerky Bars
Shanti Bars

Tian Chi
Himalaya Ashwagandha


Gut Healing Protocol
Daily for 4-6 weeks 

Eliminate all wheat, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, and Grains for best results during this protocol.  The cleaner you eat, the better results sooner.

Reduce all grains, sugar, and alcohol for this protocol to work more effectively. 

After brushing your teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste, Drink 24 ounces of spring or filtered water with a pinch of natural sea salt and 3-5 drops of doTerra Lemon Essential Oil, 1 DDR Prime Capsule, and 1 scoop of Super Greens by PaleoValley. 

If you’re looking to decrease cravings, please include Slim and Sassy Essential oil.

If you have stomach pain and distress with gas and pain, please include Digestzen capsules and Essential oil.

Pre Breakfast 

– Chew 2 DGL 

– Swallow 2 Capra Colostrum with water 

With Breakfast Include 

– 2 BodyHealth Plus Detox  / Use Promo Code: FULLCIRCLE

– 10,000 IU Liquid Vit D plus K2 (eaten with fat) 

After Breakfast 

– 1-5 capsules of Use this link: BiOptimizers HCL

Mid Morning 

– 1 TSP Glutamine Powder  

– 1 TBSP Collagen stirred into coconut water or Bone Broth. Use code fullcircle for discount 

Pre Lunch  

– Chew 2 DGL 

– Swallow 2 Capra Colostrum with water 

With Lunch Include 

PaleoValley – Apple Cider Vinegar Extract Capsules (1-5 capsules)
Use promo code: PVFRIEND15 for 15% off 

– 2 Bodyhealth Plus Detox  / Use promo code: FULLCIRCLE

– 2- 4 Fish Oil capsules  / Use promo code: FULLCIRCLE

After Lunch 

1-5 capsules of HCL

Mid Afternoon  

– 1 TSP Glutamine Powder  

– 1 TBSP Collagen stirred into coconut water or Bone Broth / Use promo code: fullcircle

–  George’s Aloe Vera Gel 1/2 Cup

Pre Dinner  

– Chew 2 DGL  

– Swallow 2 Capra Colostrum with water 

After Dinner 

– 1-5 capsules of Use this LINK to purchase
BiOptimizer products (

400-1200mg Magnesium 

1-5 capsules of HCL

Optional – Organic herbal Echinacea, Ginger, or  Peppermint tea with 1 TBSP of Paleo Valley Collagen 

Before Bed

400-1200 MG of magnesium

DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations based on personal use by coach Erinne Guthrie.
Erinne Guthrie is not a medical doctor and suggests that you discuss this with your personal physician before you begin using any nutritional supplements.