Gear for Triathlon

Everything you need to do a triathlon


Swimsuit (ask us about team suits)
Goggles (clear and tinted pair are recommended):

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Swim cap
Kick Board
Paddles Beginner
Paddles Advanced
Pull buoy


Bikes: Road or Triathlon
Water Bottle
Helmet use discount code: “fullcircle” for 35% off use discount code: “fullcircle” for 35% off 
Bike Shoes (advanced)
Bike computer (advanced)
Bike Pump
Saddle Bag 
Tire Levers for Flat Tire Kit
CO2 Cartridge and Inflator for Flat Tire Kit
ROKA Sunglasses
Rudy Project Sunglasses – use discount code: “fullcircle” for 35% off 



Running shoes: Try them on and purchase at Footworks in South Miami – 5724 Sunset Dr, Miami, FL 33143
Elastic shoelaces (advanced)

Other Equipment needed