Power Via Nutrition

Do you know that you can create Blood Sugar balance every time you eat?
All you have to do is have equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates and added good fats.

For your smoothie please consider adding:

Parsley, ½ Avocado and Hemp Hearts (4 tbsp = 20 G protein)

Raw Greens powder (Where to buy)

Coconut water (Where to buy) instead of juice (sugar water), coconut has less sugar and tons of potassium;  Keep the chia seeds and reduce the fruits.  You can also add a pea or hemp protein powder (Where to buy)
Another Option, is to add a handful of raw cashews to your smoothie as a good fat.
Also, consider these:
Grassfed (Where to buy) Butter for your bread!  (look for sprouted whole grain breads)
I also recommend, Super Essentials Fish Oils that has the perfect blend for absorption, I have these available for $45 plus tax.  Contact me directly.
Experiencing Muscle Soreness?
Magnesium Glycinate (Where to buy) for sore Muscles and will really help with
Perfect Aminos for recovery,  I have these for only $24.99 plus tax.  Contact me directly for the Aminos.
Probiotics – I have a great one from doterra, but you should switch strands every other month.
Do you understand why I recommend eating more fats instead of carbs and sugar?
Let’s talk about it… Click HERE to schedule a quick nutrition call so I can answer questions about the proper nutrition specific to your training.
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