Christian Crews

Age 50, Gold Program

On June 30, 2017, I decided that health and family life was to be my focus going forward, so that day I smoked my last cigarette as my family and I started a long overdue family vacation.  After 2 weeks of smoking detox, I felt I needed a “carrot” to keep me from smoking so I signed up for a sprint triathlon (Key West Tri).  The idea being that the training would keep me from smoking.  So, I googled a Tri Training Plan for newbies and joined Erinne’s Swim Masters class in October of 2017, later to realize I needed a team to train with so I joined Full Circle in December.  It only took a running evaluation by Coach Erinne in December, to get me running a 5k without stopping/walking and I was hooked on Full Circle and Tri Training.