1. Monica Rizo

    Here are 5 things you don’t know about me:

    1) I was born in Puerto Rico
    2) I’ve lived in 6 different countries (Dom. Rep. (2x) , Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Germany (2x), Argentina, USA)
    3) I danced classical ballet for 15 yrs
    4) Unfortunately, I have no children
    5) My happy place is the ocean. :o)

  2. Jesse Jimenez

    1) I lived in Port Jefferson in Long Island NY in the 60’s. I was 5 until I was 11 and my family moved to Miami.

    2) My real name is Jesus

    3) I lived in Utah for 2 years

    4) I have 7 children

    5) I have a tattoo I don’t show anyone.

  3. Mary Liz Olazabal

    1. I am an ice cream – aholic.
    2. I have two dreams- to teach abroad and to live on a lake (one you could boat and swim in, not one overgrown with weeds and breeding mosquitoes!)
    3. I spent 7 years teaching preschool yoga. Loved it, but would never do it again.
    4. I’ve taken weekly French classes for years.
    5. One of my New Years resolutions is always to spend more time at the beach.

    • Very interesting- thanks for sharing – we have a bunch of French athletes these days – you should practice your French with them! And I’m down to go to the beach anytime! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Art

    1-I lived in the fifties in Melbourne and Panama City Fl.
    2-I have a daughter that Erinne was her triathlon coach
    3-I have traveled to over 38 countries – some multiple times.
    4-I always loved biking
    5-I am a Virgo.

  5. Urs Brunner

    1. My sailboat got hit by lighting during the Columbus Day Regatta
    2. I am taking Bachata, Salsa, Rumba and Tcha Tcha Tcha lessons with my with (she has much more rhythm than I do)
    3. I could never give up cheese or chocolate. Sorry Erinne!
    4. My happy place is the Swiss Alps
    5. I am retired for the second time. Trying to make it 3 times!

  6. Maria Sawczuk

    1. I was a radio news anchor/reporter (AM stations) and part-time deejay before I became a lawyer.
    2. I was a runner-up on the TV game show The Weakest Link
    3. My happy places are Sweden and New Orleans
    4. I speak Swedish (although it’s been a long time and I’m very rusty)
    5. I’ve stayed in the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden (above the Arctic Circle) where the outdoor temps were -40! (Inside the hotel it was a balmy +20F)

    • fullcircle

      Very cool interesting things Maria- thanks for sharing. I have been to Sweden and one of my friends from HS is Swedish- but the water there is FREEZING cold!!

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