1. Jesus Jimenez

    Erinne this may be your best blog yet! You know I love all your blogs. This topic is paramount in my life. I can remember as a child ten years old lying in the tall cool green grass in long island at the farm across the street from my house and looking up at the blue sky wondering what I would be doing when I was 30 or 40 years old. Now I am 65! wow. So who decides what is the best way to spend your life? Being healthy and strong is a great thing and such a blessing. Even so it too is temporal. You know I believe that honoring God with your life is the best way to spend our brief time on this planet. Jesus summed it up in the sermon on the mount Matt ch 5-7. I have found that the only truly fulfilling life. Of course no one is able to honor God perfectly, Every day is a new day to prepare us for the life that awaits us, a new opportunity to better realize the peace that passes understanding . So I pray for God to lead me in this life so that when I have run my race and finished He will say well done. Merry Christmas

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