Suffering Meltdown?

What’s Up Triathletes?

I hope everyone is surviving the heat!  I’ve had several athletes tell me about “MELT DOWN” on the workouts over the weekend.
Here are some tips to implement to insure a solid training session despite the heat.

  • Start earlier I know this can be more difficult on the weekends when we want to sleep in, however getting out there early and before the temperature gets too high makes for a much better training session and then you can come back and take a nap mid-day in the cool AC!!
  • Super Hydration before the workout. Be sure you have been hydrating with ½ your body weight in ounces of water with a small pinch of real sea salt in every 12 ounces that you drink.  Add on to that with coconut water, Kombucha or green tea (organic of course) but make sure you are getting your minimum amount of water in daily and the morning of your workouts.
  • Keep core body temperature as low as possible using cooling sleeves, gloves, ice, cold water
  • Take walk breaks when heart rate starts to get too high
  • Rest in the shade
  • Pour ice cold water on your arms, face and head every chance you get.
  • Wear a visor instead of a closed off ball cap.
  • Take sunglasses off so the wind can cool your face.
  • Call it a day if it’s just too much heat.

Ben greenfield just posted this great article with even more tips on how to stay COOL in the Heat- check it out here.

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