1. Mary Liz Olazabal

    Have you ever tried canned wild salmon, some pumpkin seeds and a homemade Dijon vinaigrette over a bag of mixed greens? That’s a staple for me and really easy. I make the vinaigrette at the beginning of the week to last me the week. It’s the snacking that kills me and my sweet tooth. Love all your tips, Erinne, but would love to know how to up the nutrition without gaining weight. Maybe no begin to eat like an Ironman despite simply being a sprinter!?

    • fullcircle

      Yes wild caught fish or shrimp is great, but please be aware of the aluminum can and the liners inside the can. I try to avoid if possible and use pouches. Snacking can be helped by eating more nutrient dense foods that fill you up and satiate you. Many times you think you are hungry but you are thirsty, Be sure you are drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of fresh spring water daily, and include a pinch of real sea salt to help with absorption and electrolytes. Healthy snacks are the key if you are going to snack. Always include some fat and protein in a snack instead of carbohydrates alone because you will want more carbs. Avocado with sea salt and hemp hearts, organic apple with raw almonds or almond butter, and hard boiled eggs are all great snacks as well. I have a month long nutrition program if you are interested. LMK

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