1. great blog. Dreamer! I am a dreamer I have the same dreams and some. Buy another home with olympic size pool. get married again (waiting for Uma to call) surf trip for sure big one complete full iron man. Grow my business for my kids. have all my kids talk to me again. (I already did that once) world peace. spread God’s love in an epic way

  2. Jacquelyn Schwartz

    I agree! Putting something in writing definitely makes it more concrete and tangible…it’s not just in your head anymore…here are some of my dreams:
    1. Complete a Ironman 70.3
    2. Move to/live in Colorado for some time (might not last long I’ve heard it’s cold!?)
    3. Apply and go on the Amazing Race with my younger sister! (And also be able to travel again…she’s hoping to study in Europe so I want to go visit her)
    4. Start a family and go on outdoorsy adventures

  3. Ken Moorefield

    My dreams are to spend more time with my kids and grandkids. I also would like to find a loving partner to share my life with and travel to many fun places in the world. I’m past being into stuff and am focused on having many adventures in my life. I’m looking forward to completing a half Ironman next year. I also want to continue section hiking the Appalachian trail and finish the whole 2200 miles within the next 5 years.

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