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  1. Jesus Jimenez

    great blog as always! Saturday when biking in Clermont we did a 50 mile loop with a number of hard climbs with Sugarloaf Mountain at about 40 miles. Richard and Elyse and Urs are a little stronger cyclists than I am and I was bringing up the rear the entire ride. I was anticipating climbing Sugarloaf knowing it was a hard climb having done it a couple times in the past. Usually resting at the bottom and getting psyched up first. When I caught up to my teammates they were waiting at the bottom for me to start. As I was rounding the corner I looked up to the top and said to myself I got this and didn’t stop. It was a hard climb for sure but I knew I could do it. It was a step of faith. I will take that to Ironman Florida. Faith overcomes fear.

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