3rd Place 70.3 Podium After Ultimate Tri Camp Rockstar Triathlete: Cheryl Willberg

3rd Place 70.3 Podium After Ultimate Tri Camp Rockstar Triathlete: Cheryl Willberg

Coach Notes: I was thrilled when Cheryl signed up for camp, knowing it would complement her plan to get on the podium at 70.3 Panama the week after.

Camp is great for triathletes who live up north and can’t get outside to train before race day. She showed up never having been evaluated in person with her coach- so we were able to get her video evaluations and give immediate feedback to improve her technique just in time for race day!

I love how hard she pushes, but at camp, she could tap into the recovery, stretching, and mindset needed to balance all that hard work and see the ultimate results on race day! Congratulations Cheryl! You are truly a BADASS Rockstar Camper!

Age: 37

Profession: I own a PR + Marketing firm and host fitness and wellness events.

Why did you choose Ultimate Tri Camp for help in your journey as a triathlete?

I heard about the Camp from a great friend who said great things about Erinne and the other coaches. My 70.3 race was coming up, and getting on my bike outside beforehand would be a great opportunity. I have been training in the Great White North (Toronto!), which sealed the deal!

Please share your BIG goals and how Ultimate Tri Camp supported you:

My big goal for Q1 was to come in the top 5 at IronMan Panama 70.3 (pushing for a 5:10 time on the course!), as well as to take the time to learn more about swim mechanics to make me more comfortable and, overall, a better swimmer. Lots more goals for the season!

Tell me about your successes so far:

I just got back from Panama with a brand-new 3rd place trophy and a 20-minute PB! I completed the race in 5 hours and 1 minute. My swim and mindset were two noteworthy successes from the race right after UTC.

My swim was fast and effortless. I could feel my catch and finish and spend more time with my face in the water. Who would have thought that one goggle in the water at all times would naturally make you faster, just given your body placement?

The second success of this past race was my mindset, which is always the most important thing. I visualized this race from start to finish and crushed my goal because I believed I could!

What were some of your biggest Improvements in performance at Ultimate Tri Camp?

Swim: My swim is 100%. I really connected with the way coach Erinne and Ollie explained things.

I think sometimes coaching can be quite subjective, but I am able to continue working on the things we did during camp because it was easy to understand. This makes a big difference!

Bike: I loved being able to ride with Coach Dennis before my race. He was always positive and pushed me the right amount. At the end of my 90K in the race -before my run (which I needed to do well on!), he told me to pull back on resistance and spin out my legs to get them ready to ROTB. I did just that; my legs felt fresh, and I had the run I wanted.

Did you achieve any Personal Records or Goals? Name 2 or 3 things you feel will make the biggest difference in your triathlon performance after participating in Ultimate Tri Camp:

  1. I’m looking forward to a season filled with epic swim times!
  2. I have some lofty bike goals and will have Coach Dennis in my head as I take on many races this year.

What excites you the most about being involved in triathlon?

The mindset and community. Over and above being a triathlete, I am a Life Athlete. I ALWAYS give my personal 100, and I see the benefits on and off the course. Given there is always so much to learn in the sport – I see a long journey filled with physical and mental successes. And the community! It’s amazing to spend time with others cheering themselves and you on.

It’s a sport filled with smiles, motivation, and epic challenges.

What was your favorite part of Ultimate Tri Camp?

The training and connecting with the athletes. There was a diverse group of people, and I truly enjoyed meeting them all. I can’t wait to hear about more team and personal wins. It’s only been a few weeks, and I’m motivated from afar. Anne’s fastest 5KM and a team filled with great times at Clash. Way to go, FC!

What would you say to someone on the fence about attending Ultimate Tri Camp?

DO IT! You’ll have an awesome week of great training, and coaching, make new friends, and walk away with lessons that will last a lifetime.

Whether alone or with someone – it’s a great opportunity to get started in the sport or learn how to better one or all aspects.

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