1. great to reinforce that. Sugar is the devil. But what about honey? how much is too much. I like to have honey in my tea in the evening before bedtime. I think honey is a superfood and possibly supernatural. (never goes bad) made by bees that inexplicably fly with wings that are too small. can you blog on honey?

    • Honey is still sugar to the body
      And must be treated as such
      Check the suggestion in the blog that suggests having less than 50 grams of sugar each day – so that would include honey. Also it’s important to read the fine print in your honey jar- is in real pure honey? Or a blend that many manufacturers off honey use. Best sources of honey are raw and organic and are not always completely clear- and yes honey is a superfood and has many other health and immune boosting benefits – just not too much of it!

  2. Lucy Reed

    My husband is diabetic and recently revamped his diet to cut out sugars. Since he’s the primary chef in our home, I have, too. I feel great, but I have begun to notice how I feel after eating what may be too many grains in a day (homemade granola for breakfast, a slice of gluten-free bread with lunch, brown rice with dinner). Where do you fall on grains and their metabolic decomposition into sugars in our body?

  3. Brandon Deegan

    How does sugar factor in on for 2+ hour runs as far as energy gels and/or gatorade. Do these count towards the 50 grams? Should we try to rely solely on carb powder or something that isn’t sugar based? Also, should we avoid coconut water before and after workouts (about 20 grams of sugar in a 16.9 oz bottle of Vita Coco organic coconut water)?

  4. Brandon Deegan

    It looks like my comment disappeared. I was wondering how energy gel packets for long runs factor into this? Should we use something other than energy gels? I figured the calories are burned so it wasn’t a problem. Also, should we avoid coconut water before and after workouts?

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